Monday, December 6, 2010

Usher Jumped Out Of His Digital Coffin

If you would've asked me to bet my flavored lube collection on which "digitally dead" celeb would break their Twitter silence first, I would have put EVERYTHING on Kim Kardashian's ass. It's a good thing this didn't happen. I would've had a thirsty and dusty b-hole (I set myself up for that one, I know), because Usher was the one who digitally opened his digital coffin and digitally rose from digital death.

As Necole Bitchie points out, Usher delivered his last rites on November 30th and was supposed to stay dead until $1 million is raised for the Keep a Child Alive charity. The charity isn't halfway there, but that didn't stop Usher from blurting out 4 Tweets over the weekend.

This campaign is bizarre for many reason, but a promise is a promise! Usher can't just digitally rebuke digital death from his digital body because he feels like Tweeting about his lil' homey. I guess Usher doesn't care about keeping a child alive! THINK OF THE CHILDREN before you digitally resurrect yourself! It's not Digital Easter yet!

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