Sunday, December 19, 2010


Giving riders a reason to wipe their seats down with a mixture of Hazmat-brand anti-bacterial gel and crushed Valtrex pills, Parasite Hilton proudly flashed her trompe l'oeil cleavage and mounted a bike like it was a 9-inch dick to pose for photographers in Madrid, Spain at the unveiling of her very own MotoGP Team called SuperMartxe VIP by Paris Hilton. Gross. Never mind that Wonky's bike looks like it was modeled after a confederate flag as seen through the eyes of Barbie, who thought giving her a motorcycle team was a good idea?

What does this skank know about motorcycles? Shit, what does she know about racing IN GENERAL? Just because the odometer on her pussy has been reset a dozen times and a pit crew has to come in mid-fuck to grease and rotate her parts doesn't mean she's an expert at racing.

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