Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tell Me It's Not True!!!

The National Enquirer doesn't only publish stories that make polygraph machines scribble out "Are you serious?". They sometimes get things right, which is why this story about Aretha Franklin's health is making me punch and hug at the air at the same time. When Queen Aretha underwent surgery for a mysterious condition, many (including yours truly) figured she just got her stomach pinched and her magnificent chichis shrunk down to the size of a baby elephant.

But The National Enquirer (via PopCrunch) claims they know the real reason and it's serious. They are saying that Aretha has been diagnosed with incurable pancreatic cancer and given a 5-10% of survival. There aren't enough Os available for me to properly express the NOOOOOO! that is swirling around my heart.

Aretha's rep has yet to confirm or deny this, so there's some hope that The National Enquirer is just saying this to make sure their name is on the list at the VIP entrance in HELL. Yes, they want to feel all special and shit as they wave to us in the back of the line.

UPDATE: One of Aretha's family members told MyFox Detroit that she does have cancer. The relative said that Aretha is doing okay, but everything is still really concerned. The family member didn't say what type of cancer Aretha was diagnosed with. No word from Aretha's rep yet.

(Thanks Jess)

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