Friday, December 3, 2010

Mimi Takes Her Pregnant Ass To The Magic Kingdom

The inside of Mimi's head already looks exactly like the Magic Kingdom so when the two get together for the holidays it becomes a vortex of pink snowflakes, glittery fairy wings and iridescent fart bubbles with tiny kittens elves twirling around inside. Crocodiles within a 50-mile radius barfed up butterflies singing Christmas carols and oranges exploded into sparkly pixie dust. And this was all because Mimi wiggled her pregnant ass into one of Mrs. Claus' favorite ho dresses to spread the holiday cheer and then some at Disney's Christmas Parade in Lake Buena Vista, Fl today.

Even though Mimi's got a womb full of baby, she's not going to let that get in the way of wearing a dress so short that you can practically see her mistletoe. Get it while you can!

Meanwhile, Ryan Gaycrest was across the country hosting Disneyland's Christmas Parade in Anaheim, CA. Julianne Hough better get her lawyers on the phone, because look at how Gaycrest is cuddling up to Minnie Mouse like he's about to offer her a beard contract or something.

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