Saturday, December 4, 2010

Like It's 1993 Again

Tami "It Wasn't Not Funny" Roman from The Real World: Los Angeles sat down with Rich from Vh1 to discuss the new levels of craziness she's bringing to the second season of Basketball Wives, and he asked her to spit out a few lyrics from the song of 1993.

In case David ripped that memory out of your head ("That's practically rape" - Bethasaurus), Tami was the "rapper" in this all-girl group called Reality. Reality had this song called "Prisoner of Your Love" where Tami popped out the iconic lyrics "I'm a slave, I'm a slave, I'm a slave for your lovin'/I can't resist the fever of your kissin' and huggin'/Wrap me up in chains!" That lyric will be in my marriage vows one day. But on a serious note, why hasn't Reality reunited yet?!

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