Friday, December 3, 2010

Get A TSA Screening Room!

Here's Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen giving each a TSA screening at LAX yesterday while a security dude walked by and thought to himself, "I'd pat it, the both of 'em."

But seriously, when Rachel McAdams is in love, homegirl is in love. You can practically see the cartoon birds fluttering around her and whispering in her ear in a sing song-ey voice, "He's the one. He's the oooone." Right after this kiss, I bet Rachel skipped into a stall in the bathroom, fell against the door, clutched her heart and sighed one of those I'M IN LOOOOOVE kind of sighs. Just like she does in those stupid ass romantic comedies she's in. When Rachel was with Ryan Gosling, it was the same shit! Their pupils were always heart-shaped and shit. Girl goes in something serious.

Meanwhile, if a boyfriend tells me he loves me in public, I scream "EWWWW" and run away to exfoliate the cooties off in the sandbox.

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