Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christina Hendricks Will Announce Her Retirement In 3...2...

Christina Hendricks and her magnificent chichis could melt the UV protection off my eye glasses, but seeing Cher with a ginger mop on her head proves to me that she was meant to play Joan in Mad Men. WOOO! DONNY DRAPER! We all see it! But in Christina's defense, if Cher had a blonde pigtail wig on I'd say that she was meant to play Little Sally Draper too. So what I'm getting at is that they should just erase the entire cast of Mad Men and redo it with Cher in every role.

Cher dropped a Florence + the Machine on her head and slipped into one of Morticia's old dressing gowns for the London premiere of Burlesque tonight where she was joined by Veronica Mars and Xtina.

Speaking of Xtina, ever since one of my friends recently said that she looks like she should be singing with Tommy Gnosis in a diner I've been all about her mess of a look. If only Xtina went FULL HEDWIG and fixed her Vincent Price-like eyebrow situation.

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