Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dennis Rodman Gets Something Sucked During A Morning Interview

Those of you who celebrate Carb & Booze Day tomorrow are going to need something to talk about in between nibbling on Jell-O salad around the table. So after you finish telling your nana and your other relatives the story about a young man's discovery of a menstrual artifact in a crotch cave, you can paint them a picture of Dennis Rodman getting something sucked on during a radio interview yesterday morning. Gobble gobble.

Dennis called in to 790 The Ticket, a South Florida Sports Talk Radio, and a few minutes into the interview it became clear that his blood flow was going downstream instead of upstream. Dennis kept throwing out a bunch of "ums" and barely audible responses. Basically, bitch acted like me whenever the nurse at the free clinic asks me how many partners I've humped on in total. When the hosts finally asked Dennis what he and his trick Teresa were up to, he said, "She's just sucking something. Sorry! I'm sorry about that. You said keep clean, right?"

If the Dennis Rodman of today didn't look like Gollum on the wrong kind of growth hormones, this might give me a fever in the nipples, but it doesn't. Especially because he didn't specify what kind of "something" Teresa was putting her lips on. My imagination is fueled by gutter water, so the image of Teresa chupa-ing on Dennis' anus ring is going to stay with me through the holidays.

via Cleveland Leader

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